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Nautilus Retractable Pen
Nautilus Retractable Pen
Nautilus Retractable Pen
Nautilus Retractable Pen
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Nautilus Retractable Pen

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Hermès’ first writing instrument, the Nautilus pen, utilises a unique retractable mechanism and is available in both fountain pen and rollerball pen formats. The Hermès pen has been created in anodised aluminium with a brushed stainless-steel underside, iridium point, and a 10-carat white gold nib for the fountain pen format. The cap-less pen opens and closes by way of an innovative rotating mechanism exclusive to Hermès.

“This pen’s subtlety derives from the way it works. At first glance, it looks anachronistic. There’s nothing technological about its appearance. It looks easy to use, obvious, and instinctual. But it’s hiding a genius mechanism that works like magic - a mechanism that’s given rise to a whole new gesture. This is neither the logic of a screw-on lid nor a press button system. You just twist it, turning the body of the pen, which opens and closes neatly and very gently.”







Key materials

Solid aluminium
Iridium tip
Metal components
Rhodium plated white gold
Plastic components