Marc Newson

Celebrating Monogram Backpack
Celebrating Monogram Backpack
Celebrating Monogram Backpack
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Celebrating Monogram Backpack

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Collaborating in the "Celebrating Monogram" project, Marc sets out to create a truly functional object; the result is a pure, sculptural backpack. Monogram canvas provides structure (the bag can stand on its own, without losing its shape) while soft shearling lends comfort and accents the biomorphic shape. Inside, the roomy central space and a host of pockets keep belongings organised. The backpack is available in orange, blue and beige.

“I wanted to explore the Monogram's functional qualities. If you go back to the reason why the Monogram canvas was invented, it’s because it’s durable and it’s weatherproof; but I wanted it to be fun as well - I don’t like when things take themselves too seriously.”





Key materials

Metal components
Monogram canvas