Marc Newson

(RED) Desk
(RED) Desk
(RED) Desk
(RED) Desk
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(RED) Desk

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This piece is unique to, and created for, the (RED) Auction 2013.  Edition 01/01.

When it came to designing a completely new object specifically for the auction, Jony Ive and Marc knew they wanted to work in aluminium, a material that has long fascinated them. Their creation is a monolithic desk with an aerodynamic form machined from solid pieces of aluminium. The edge of the desk is extremely thin, almost blade-like, and the top surface is covered in a unique cellular pattern that the designers liken to a jigsaw puzzle, with 185 pieces that seem to fit together.

“We call it a desk because it may be the object’s most practical function, if it had one, but we really wanted to just create a beautiful object that had its own particular presence in a space by virtue of the way it was made, and the materials used to make it.”







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