Marc Newson

Murrina Low Red Table
Murrina Low Red Table
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Marc Newson Exhibition Murrina Low Red Table

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In January 2019, Gagosian presented new works by Marc Newson. It was Marc’s first exhibition of limited-edition furniture pieces in more than a decade.

Revisiting his roots as a jeweller and silversmith, in this exhibition Marc explored increasingly rare decorative techniques at an unconventionally large, even unprecedented, scale. For the Murrina works (2019), Marc utilises an intricate classical glass-making technique to create streamlined desks, tables, and consoles. Their sloping and bevelled planes are unified beneath pulsing fields of repeated cell-like spots on vivid coloured grounds, made by slicing glass rods and then fusing them together to reveal patterned cross-sections.

Murrina Low Table is an Editon of 3 plus 2APs.


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