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Horizon Soft Luggage
Horizon Soft Luggage
Horizon Soft Luggage
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Horizon Soft Luggage

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Louis Vuitton launches a second range of innovative rolling luggage for the modern traveller designed by Marc Newson.

"After starting with hard luggage where the parameters are naturally more defined and rigid, we have embarked upon stage two, which is the soft version. I had to identify a suitable technology to give the project validity, I had to have a reason, something really compelling to kick the project off. That was to be the technology, which was not so much a technology, more of a process or a technique, a process that I was aware of through various other projects that I had been doing and essentially it’s knitting". Marc Newson.

This breakthrough outer-shell is made of thermo-formed 3D knit with a double-sided jacquard featuring Newson’s interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram. The knit is fully-fashioned in a custom made technical yarn that includes elastic and thermo-fusible threads, using seamless knitting technology, a process tailored specifically to the needs of Louis Vuitton.

The one-piece knit is then heat formed to give the object its shape. Before this thermoforming process, it’s given a water repellent treatment. Cuts for pockets and zips are made with ultra-sound cutting techniques and as 95% of the stitching used on a comparable conventional product has been eliminated, it is replaced with tape fused through heat setting, an elegant high-tech solution in keeping with the process used to build the fundamental shape.

When it comes to packing and travel, weight and capacity are essential. New technologies and endless testing during the development process meant Marc Newson has ensured that weight has been reduced to a minimum and volume has been maximised. Lightweight, yet strong and resistant, weighing a mere 2.9 kilos for the cabin size, no traveller will carry even as little as a gram more weight than necessary.





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