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Following the iconic Hourglass (2012), Marc Newson has turned his attention to another ancient time instrument and reinterpreted the principles of a ‘water clock’ through the manoeuvring of the original ‘nanoballs’. The new Art piece measures time accurately by controlling the flow of nanoballs through a complex mechanism developed entirely in-house.

Klepsydra timepiece is an outstanding achievement and unlike anything else on the market. Each Klepsydra contains over 2.8 million silver- or gold-plated stainless-steel nanoballs which measure the elapsed time. A full cycle takes 30 minutes from the start.

 Klepsydra is a uniquely crafted piece specifically made of mouth-blown hand-carved crystal glass, borosilicate glass, natural coloured anodized aluminium and stainless-steel. The process starts once the nanoballs are scooped up by rotating the crystal dome with the help of the rear handle, until the tank lies horizontally. The 12 suspended cups on the glass wheel are alternatively filled with 20gr of nanoballs and then emptied every 10 seconds. These cups seesaw movement is meticulously orchestrated with infinite precision. 15 revolutions make-up a full 30-minute cycle, with a possible leeway of +/- 3 minutes.

Klepsydra is a new approach to the ancient instrument. Following long millennia of history, Marc Newson’s timer still and only responds to gravity once the nanoballs reserve has been replenished. The weight of the nanoballs is the driving force behind the central mechanism (such as the barrel spring in a watch). The outflow of a number of nanoballs through the chimney of the tank fixes the time elapsed in the Klepsydra and the front hand allows the reading of the time progression over a period of 30 minutes.

Since each unique Klepsydra instrument is specifically made of crystal and nanoballs that are very sensitive to environmental changes, its time accuracy may vary slightly according to different atmospheric conditions. Klepsydra is an anachronistic timepiece, between simplicity and complexity. Its apparent simplicity belies the technical complexity and the challenges involved for with in its creation. Bringing this handcrafted piece of exceptional quality to reality took three years of concept and design from Marc Newson’s Studio, thorough research and material development. HG Timepiece worked closely with our trusted most talented experts in engineering and craftsmanship following the ancestral glass-working know-how.

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Key materials

Lead crystal
Stainless steel